The Center for Emerging Adults specializes in providing tailored, sensitive and effective therapy to older teens and young adults who are navigating a path to healing, fulfillment, inner peace and interconnectedness.

Are you looking for freedom from the constraints of depression and anxiety? Perhaps you are trying to make sense of difficult life events? Maybe you are juggling with questions around your sexuality or gender? Perhaps you are simply wanting to find a meaningful way to embrace the new joys and challenges of your adult life?

Emerging adulthood is the perfect time to engage in the journey of self discovery, at the Center for Emerging Adulthood we know that for some this time of self discovery and emergence into adulthood can become overwhelming, stressful and even painful. Whatever you are facing, we are here to help you. We provide clarity in confusing situations, intense support during crises, and resources to build a brighter future.


Anxiety & Depression

Anxiety and depression are two of the most common reasons young adults seek treatment. Whether you are struggling with anxiety or depression, or a combination of both, the right treatment can lead to relief.

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Adjusting to College

Adjusting to college presents new life changes and stressors. What is expected to be an exciting time can present unexpected difficulties, as you move away from childhood homes and adjust to new ...

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Emerging adulthood is a wonderful time to explore your sexual orientation and gender identity. Sadly in our society, this process of self-discovery is often accompanied by narratives of fear, exclusion, and oppression.

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We have extensive experience working with psychosis, particularly with young adults experiencing early psychosis. We now know that 3 in 100 Americans will experience psychosis in their lifetime, and it can be a ...

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If you’re considering healing from your trauma, it can be very scary to think about working with such distressing material. Together we will work slowly to create a solid sense of safety for yourself and in our relationship. From there we ...

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For many, the freedom and independence experienced during early adulthood are crucial in developing healthy emotions, interests, careers, relationships, and moral guidelines in adult life. However for some ...

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